Subway Allenstown 682x612



How long have I owned the store?       
Just coming up on 2 years.

How large is your team?
Currently I have an excellent team of 12, plus myself & my wife.

What is the best part of my job?
Interacting with everyone in this environment, lots of interesting people, everyone has a story, and on many occasions being able to render assistance to people.

What is trending on our menu right now?...
We have just released our Autumn range of Chicken Parmy style subs and our new snack range! Both of these releases have created interest.

Do I think my shop or service makes customers lives easier?...
Yes, absolutely, our ability to create freshly made to order, bespoke meals in a very timely manner is greatly appreciated by lots of our customers who have a restricted time for a meal break. School kids picking up a fresh tasty lunch or snack. Mum's organizing lunch for the kids or a family dinner when they need a night off.

Do you have local customers you know by name, or like to have a chat?
Sure do, look forward to seeing them and having a quick chat.

Most unusual or funniest request?:.
The customer that totally insisted that we make him a Big Mac burger...he really enjoyed his foot-long Meatball Sub with all the trimmings, and regularly returned after that for his" Meatball Mac"

What do you think makes Allenstown Square a good place to shop?
I have always loved the vibe of the centre, it has a real community feel, very few problems, just a good place .

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Spend as much time as I can with my family, gardening, social times with good friends.

Whats your favorite Sub?
A very difficult question! I like most of them, including the wraps and salad bowls... so many choices..just cant pick an absolute favourite.